Hazards within verbal lease

March 2007

County Council by: Robert Moore

Key Points:

  • Most farm leases in Ohio are verbal agreements
  • A verbal agreement is good for one year in Ohio
  • Problems can occur when one party or another breaks verbal agreement

    MANY farmland leases in Ohio are verbal agreements and not in writing. In fact, some studies shows that 70% or more of all farmland leases in Ohio are verbal.

    Verbal leases for up to one year are valid and enforceable under Ohio law. However, verbal leases, by their very nature, typically establish only the very basic of terms. A critical term that is often not addressed in a verbal lease (and some written leases) is the date for notice of termination. This sets forth a set time when the landlord must give notice to the tenant, or vice versa, that the lease will not be renewed for the following year…Download full article.




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