About Us

At Wright & Moore, we have a dedicated and talented staff and we would like to introduce you to each of our co-workers. If you have questions or concerns to which anyone of us can respond, please contact us.

Wright & Moore is here for you when you need us.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission: At Wright & Moore, we promote thoughtful, educated decision making among Ohio farmers and landowners in order to achieve the succession planning goals of their families and businesses.

Our Vision: To maintain a strong agriculture industry and vibrant rural communities through multi-generational transitions of Ohio family farms and farmland.

Our Core Values:
With our clients, our partners, and our team in mind, Wright & Moore adheres to these core values:

  • Knowledgeable: Through various legal education and personal development efforts by our team members, we will provide competent counsel that stays in-tune with the laws and rules impacting our industry.
  • Individuality: Recognizing that each family, farm, legal issue, and employee possess unique goals and features, we strive to provide solutions and opportunities that cater to the needs of each client, partner, or team member.
  • Empathy: Being accessible to our clients, partners, and team members, staying curious to individual needs, actively listening, and understanding all viewpoints will ensure we are empathetic to each other and to the public.
  • Integrity: “Doing the right thing” comprises our moral and ethical core, and building and maintaining trust within our team and our stakeholders is of the utmost importance.
  • Family Team: Collaboration, communication, flexibility, and support can lead a family to accomplish great things together, and we seek to espouse those behaviors internally within our team and externally with members of our firm family.

See Our Office

Kelly Moore has used her creativity and passion for interior decoration to design a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for our office.

We try to make our clients feel more like they are coming into our home than into a law office.

Wright & Moore

We serve many clients with the same dedication and commitment. We are devoted to our agricultural families.