Busting the factory farm myth

April 2010

Country Counsel by: Robert Moore

OPPONENTS of large-scale agriculture often use the term “corporate factory farm” to imply that large farms are more industrial than agricultural in nature. However, the fact is that almost every farm in Ohio is owned and operated by a family. The idea that the large farms in Ohio are owned and operated by sterile, malevolent, large corporations is simply a myth.

According to the 2007 Census of Agriculture, Ohio has 75,861 farms. A farm is defined as an agricultural operation with more than $1,000 annual revenue. Of these farms, 2,956 are organized as corporations; 2,749 of those are family-held corporation. The remaining 207 farm corporations are owned and operated by non-family corporations – about a quarter of 1% of all farms in Ohio…Download full article here.




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