Planning the Furture of your Farm

Planning the Future of Your Farm
A Workbook Supporting Farm Transfer Decisions 2d Edition (Ver. 2.0)

A collaborative production of the North Carolina Farm Transition Network, Inc.

This PDF workbook will help walk you through planning the future of your farm. Full workbook featuring detailed information, examples, answers to frequently asked questions, and helpful worksheets. Download workbook here.

  1. Section One: Develop Your Vision for the Future
  2. Section Two: Evaluating Your Farm Resources
  3. Section Three: Preparing to Meet with Professional Advisers
  4. Appendix: Frequently Asked Questions: Business Entities, Conservation Easements & Property Tax Valuation of Farmland


Planning the Future of Your Farm, 2d Edition, was published with support from the USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) Community Outreach and Eduation program, and the Southern Region Risk Management Education Center (SRRMEC). Publication and printings of the first edition were made possible by the USDA RMA, SRRMEC, and the Golden LEAF Foundation.




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