Ohio’s Recreational User Statute: Limiting Liability for Hunters, Snowmobilers and More

Have people asked you to allow them to hunt, fish, hike or snowmobile on your land? If you say yes, will you be liable if they’re injured while on your land? Ohio’s Recreational User Statute can protect you in this situation. The Ohio legislature enacted the law years ago to encourage owners of nonresidential lands such as farms and wood lots to allow others to use the lands for recreation. In exchange for allowing the use, landowners receive immunity from liability for injuries.

Typically, a landowner has a legal duty to keep their premises safe for visitors. A landowner could be liable for injuries that result from failing to make the property safe or not warning a visitor of the unsafe property conditions. The Recreational User Statute changes this general rule. The law states that an owner, lessee, or occupant of premises in Ohio does not:

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