Holidays and family

by Kelly Brakefield Moore

The holidays arrive with excitement, joy and bliss. The trees are trimmed, gifts are wrapped and the cookies are baked. Family arrives with warm hugs, well wishes and brightly wrapped gifts. You drink hot cocoa by the fire and watch the children delight in their new toys. It is the most wonderful time of the year. . . until it’s not.

It starts with the roll of the eyes when farming son Clark is allowed to skip dinner because the cows need milked or cousin Eddie makes a crack at the dinner table about how grandson Timmy gets to live in the farm house free but his son pays for his own house. Then daughter Ellen’s new husband makes a statement about how Mom and Dad must have a lot of money because of how much land and equipment they own.  The holidays can quickly go from bright to BOOM. Families walk away filled with discontent and disappointment. Feelings are hurt and uncertainty brings in the New Year.

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