The Farmland Owner’s Solar Leasing Checklist

Entering into a long term solar lease is a big decision. Whether you’re just starting to think about leasing your land for solar energy development or already have a lease offer awaiting your signature, the best time to make sure that a solar lease is in your best interest is now, before you sign.

This law bulletin provides a number of things to do, issues to consider, people to consult, and questions to ask before and after signing a lease. The checklist is not an exclusive list. It’s a starting point to help you get organized and to spark other questions about your situation. We’ve provided additional lines for you to add your own questions to the checklist. 

Before Signing a Lease

1. Read the Farmland Owner’s Guide to Solar Leasing. 

Our online guide is intended to help you understand solar energy development in Ohio, initial considerations for leasing, legal documents used in leasing, and common solar lease terms.

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